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Chris Liebing

This PunchBox plugin basically generates any kind of kick drum. You can do anything with it. It's literally the most versatile kick drum making tool on the planet.

Richard Devine

PunchBox, is one of the best kick drum synthesis instruments I have come across. The combination of built in synthesis and vast factory samples, allow you to make almost any kick drum imaginable, absolutely incredible!

Guy J

I love PunchBox! The sound is great! It's so easy to make changes and i am already using it for my upcoming production!

Dr Motte

Throw away all your kick samples now and use PunchBox by d16group instead

Robert Babicz

One of my goto places for a kick at the moment, very punchy and flexible kicks from the PunchBox


I love what the D16 did with their plugins. Easy to use, raw sounding and it gives me endless possibilities to modulate my sounds to where they are unique.