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The Flashbulb

Sigmund sets an example of what other companies should be doing when writing a effect plugin. It's creative and unlike anything else, and that uniqueness sets itself aside from other delay effects.

Fukkk Offf

Since knowing D16 for their fabulous X0X recreations I also love to use the Decimort for some old school crunch on my beats. Now Sigmund really blew my mind as it goes far beyond a standard delay plug-in ...

David Guetta

These plugins sound amazing, some are secret weapons in my latest productions. A must have in your tools box, big up to the D16 Team for this great work !!!


One of the most intricate and interesting delay units i have ever used. Flexible is an understatement. The freedom and movement you can get in this delay unit is insane .. I'm blown away by Sigmund.