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BlipBop 2011/03

Beat 2009/12

Keys 2009/12

Rekkerd.org 2009/11

Computer Music 2009/10

Waveformless 2009/06




For a long time I've been looking for a realistic, reliable 606 solution. All the vst emulations I've tried have missed that certain something that gives all the classic machines their magic. Finally the Nithonat is here.

Citric Acid

Many people asked me why I don't use plugins for creating X0X sound, my answer every time was: no plugin sounds like the original hardware, but now i must say; hey the D16 plugins are sounds very close to the originals.

Peter Echoplex

Many thanks, unfortunately or fortunately, my classic boxes 909, 808, 606 and 303. All collect dust since I have received the D16 drum pack!

David Guetta

These plugins sound amazing, some are secret weapons in my latest productions. A must have in your tools box, big up to the D16 Team for this great work !!!
The TB-303, TR-808, TR-606 and TR-909 were originally produced by Roland®. Roland® is a registered trademark of Roland Corporation and/or Roland Corporation U.S. The reference to Roland® is made here strictly for the legitimate purpose of comparison, and it does not in any way imply Roland®'s permission or endorsement of D16's products.