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Amazona 2020/05

Music Nation 2019/02

Making Music 2018/06

Music-Knowhow 2017/03

Bedroom Producers Blog 2015/06

Attack Magazine 2013/02

Future Music 2013/02

macProVideo 2013/01

Computer Music 2013/01

Beat 2012/12

Computer Music 2012/12

Wusik Magazine 2012/12

Audiodesk 2012/11

Waveformless 2012/11

Rekkerd.org 2012/10



Fred Rister

All plugs of D16 are powerful and if you like big sound as i, use Lush-101!!!!! Wow this is really good work! Congratulations


We are in love with all the d16's plugs! LuSH-101 is a fantastic synth, versatile, intuitive and it sounds amazing! .Everything you guys do is great! Thanks to help us to make our job funnier and better :-)


I recently started to use LuSH-101 and it sounds really amazing. Also Drumazon is one of the best 808/909 emulation around and my favourite bitcrusher became Decimort. Highly recommended!

David Guetta

These plugins sound amazing, some are secret weapons in my latest productions. A must have in your tools box, big up to the D16 Team for this great work !!!