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Images, videos and sound examples related

Video clips

Brief Overview | tutorial

Short video tutorial describing key features of LUSH-101 and the most vital aspects of using it

Basic usage | tutorial

Getting started with LUSH-101

Using timbres | tutorial

Basics about loading Timbre type presets, creating zones and brief introduction to Mixer

Synthesis part 1 | tutorial

VCOs and Filters briefly discussed.

Synthesis part 2 | tutorial

Some details about Envelopes and LFOs

Synthesis part 3 | tutorial

Discussing more advanced VCO's features (PWM, Sync, Pitch modulation) and VCA modulation

Synthesis part 4 | tutorial

Talk about polyphony modes, mod wheels and insert effects.

Modulation Matrix | tutorial

Details on using Modulation Matrix

Arpeggiator | tutorial

Some details about using Arpeggiator section

LuSH-101's filters | analysis

High resonance filter frequency sweep spectrum

Sawtooth wave | analysis

Other synths' oscillators - Sawtooth wave

Sawtooth wave | analysis

Alias free sawtooth waveform in LUSH-101

Hardsync in LuSH-101 | analysis

Alias free Hardsync on Sawtooth oscillator (the high-end of frequency domain)

Sound examples