Ruff and Jam
producers, remixers, songwriters

Some things are just timeless & universal like the 909 & 808 but Nepheton & drumazon are definitely about to write legends of their own.

D16 proclaimed freedom for us all, we're from now on, no longer hostages from samples or... second hand market ;).

that being said, being able to tweak your tones to match your track or give that bottom end you're after makes a world of a difference when it comes to production.

What we love and tells us that D16 got it right, is that if you felt like it, you could easily let a drum track run for minutes without getting bored, just like the real thing. whereas samples will show you how lifeless they are in comparison.

Ditto for phoscyon, the captured magic of the legendary silver box is a great source of excitement & inspiration, giving us back the feeling that got us into electronic music.

Lately we got our hands on Devastor and word comes to mind...Wizardry!

One thing for sure we'll never use 909 & 808 samples ever again, the future for our favorite legendary tools is in good hands.