Eddie Stevens
keyboardist, composer, arranger

Devastor: A gem... yes i can destroy tracks beyond all hope of recovery, but this thing does SUBTLE too... and oh how beautifully. It's on every track I've made since acquisition.

here's how it works:

  • Record some stuff through this and tweak...
  • Make little edits of all your favourite moments, little fragments of warm, almost valvey distortion, so that you can't work out the original instrument.
  • Release an album of the tweaks and sell it to some nutcases in the no input mixing board camp.
  • tell them to chuck away their mixing board and walk away to aforementioned loonies, giggling quietly.
  • Do the same with someone with someone who just spent a grand on an elaborate valve distortion unit. and then laugh at them.
  • try it on EVERYTHING.... really.

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