producer, dj

This mod unit is endless. You can use it as simply as wanted to add some phase or tremolo to your instrument or go as far as mixing all the effects together and making a crazy unique sound. The fact you can combine so many different effects in so may different ways makes it one of the most in depth mod units i have ever seen. Gofazer is definitely one for the producer nerds as you can spend hours in there moulding crazy sounds in thousands of unique ways.


Hailing from Wolverhampton UK P0gman is well known for his wonky yet heavy hitting dubstep. His name has been cemented into the Dubstep world for years with his unique style combining the nostalgia of the UK Dubstep sound with a hard and heavy bounce to bring any dancefloor to life. Starting his career as a DJ no one P0gman set will ever be the same, he reads the room and makes sure he curates his playlist on the spot to hit the sweet spot every time. His release list is filled with prestigious labels such as Never Say Die, Disciple, Circus Records, Uplink Audio and his very own IAMAudio. He has been releasing none stop since 2011 and has an arsenal of well known songs that have been supported by the biggest and the best. His touring has seen him hit all corners of earth including Europe, America, Canada and Australia. His sets are filled with energy and a vibe to make people move. His bouncy live sets have seen him play some of the worlds biggest stages including EDC Las Vegas, Origin NYE and USC’s Paradiso. Always releasing and touring be sure to check out P0gman in a city near you for an experience like no other.