Thomas Gold
dj, producer

First of all, I love the GUI, it looks gritty and vintage but still is very intuitive and easy to use. You start the plugin and basically no manual needed. Dial in a sound and there you go. To put it simple, the overall sound is amazing. The kicks are fat, warm, tight, punchy, clean, dirty, long, short, etc. - anything is possible. Kicks are either fixed note or playable over the keyboard which is great. Regarding the sound design, I absolutely love the fact that you have so many options . With three separate sections for ‘Click', ‘Tops' and ‘Tools' you have more than enough possibilities to enhance your basic kick sound with any sound you like to, and it’s fun to play around with the filers and strereo spread of these sections. The basic kick processors has a tight sound and all the models sound sick! I also love the different FX options, they really can make your kick sound special and add even more versatility. Really a fan of this beast and I am definitely going to use this for my future productions! 10 out of 10!