Sterling Crew
producer and keyboardist for Carlos Santana

I love these guys - Very innovative plugs and fun interfaces to experiment with ! I own a Roland SH-101 and when I heard their emulations with Lush, that was it for me, I bought everything they sell ! D-16 is way ahead of the curve bringing back all the cool ‘vintage’ drum machine sounds I loved and used back in the day! Devastator (2 now) is a fabulous beast on it’s own (that lurks in my DAWs ready to pump anything up at will), plus Sigmund is such a deep delay and I have a sweet time incorporating it in as part of the performance and not just an effect. I’m also loving the way I can ‘Decimort' to crush in a 'sampler color' to the track ! Rock on D16 ... We will keep spreading the word ! sterling crew (composer producer performer)