Kai Tracid
dj, producer, composer

I'm really amazed of your recreation of the 909. I think this emulation goes far beyond compared to some other emulations of classic machines that only have a nice looking GUI.

From time to time I used to work with samples of the 909, but in the end I wasn't satisfied.

In the real thing there's much more going on. When you play one sound different times, there's always an audible difference caused by many interacting factors of the 'analog world', like free running waveforms, some instruments sharing the same noise circuitry, ...

For example, no 'clap' sounds the same. Also these phasing issue when you play a snare drum and a clap at the same time is exactly working with the plugin. All this and the great recreation of the step sequencer with the original shuffle modes gives me the same feel as working with a real 909. I'm really looking forward to your next project, the 808.